About event

The Third International Forum
"THE IMAGE OF BELARUS: it’s time to act"
Minsk, Belarus
December 6-7 (Thursday-Friday), 2012
The venue of meeting: hotel Europe
Day 1, December 6
"Tourism and positioning of cities"
Section "Tourism and positioning of cities" is dedicated to the development of tourism, event marketing and economic development of cities and regions. The section will be focused on the choice of positioning and promotion of cities and regions of Belarus, event marketing, hotel service, culinary image, development of tourism products and others.
The purpose of section: to exchange practical domestic and foreign experience in the area of tourism and regional development, to initiate projects of promoting urban and regional development and promotion of tourism products.
During the Forum there will be held the Final of art competition of creating a project on the promotion of cities and regions.
Program content:
1) The main directions of the development of Belarusian tourism in 2013. Vadim Karmazin, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism
2) The experience of tourism organization in UK: opportunities for cooperation. Bill Maxwell, Institute of Travel and Tourism (UK).
3) What attracts foreign citizens in Belarus. Marina Kondrashova, Tourist Company "Around the World"
4) The opportunities for international cooperation and experience in creating the strategy of small town development in Belarus. Marina Roshchina, consultant for strategic development
5) The Brand of Minsk City. Elena Plis, information and tourism center "Minsk", Natasha Grand, Research Center INSTID (UK).
6) The experience of Moscow brand building. Andrei Stas, the company "Stas and Partners" (Russia)
DISCUSSION: Creating a project to establish the attractiveness of the city and the region for attracting foreign tourists to Belarus.
The Final of art competition of creating a project on the promotion of cities and regions.
Event tourism
7) Belarus event driven: the main events 2013. Vyacheslav Chernov, the National Tourism Agency of Belarus.
8) Travel products and process of preparing for the World Cup Hockey 2014. Elena Brok, "TsentrKurort" SI
9) The theatrical event of the year as event-catching image of Belarus. Ekaterina Varennikova, "Belgazprombank" JSC
10) Culinary country image: the projects and initiatives.
11) The development of the hotel industry in Belarus and ways to improve the service level. Nikolai Hrolovich, Minsk Hotel Association
DISCUSSION: Creating a project to organize and promote relevant activities for foreign tourists.
Day 2, December 7 am
"Communications: Channels and Technologies"
Section "Communications" is devoted to the positioning and promotion of the country, regions, cities and industries in the domestic and foreign markets. This section will be focused on communication and creative projects to promote the area.
The purpose of section: to discuss domestic and international experience of using tools to promote, initiate projects to expand channels and technologies, as well as creative ideas to promote the image of the Republic of Belarus.
DISCUSSION: "Effective channels, technologies, projects, promotion of Belarus abroad"
Day 2, December 7, pm
"International Trade and Investment"
Section "International trade and investment," devoted to the promotion of Belarusian industries, brands, the economic interests of the regions and cities to foreign markets, the strategic directions of integration into the global economy and investment, the role of the various tools in the promotion of the regions, businesses and industries of the Republic of Belarus.
The purpose of section: to exchange practical domestic and foreign experience in the field of economic positioning and promotion of brands, industries, regions in foreign markets, umamisf initiate the creation and development of projects to promote Belarusian brands, industries and regions, creating attractive to investment.
DISCUSSION: "Projects to promote industries, brands and regions of interest to foreign markets"