Image of Belarus

IMAGE of REPUBLIC Belarus– the many-sided complex concept consisting of history, people, territories, actions of the country, and in relation to it. 

Positive image of the country becomes important competitive advantage in competitive struggle for a place in world political, economic, public space for the purpose of increase of  people living standard who live in this territory. In this connection there are important such concepts as positioning, strategy, investments, export, tourism, infrastructure, culture. But It is not enough to have advantages, it is important to inform these advantages to necessary target audience. And there is set of professional approaches for this purpose.

Image of Belarus includes set of professional terms: image, reputation, public relations, brending, marketing. Further are descriptions of these terms.

The Internet project purpose: to unite articles, ideas, information, events, opinions about Belarus for the purpose of development and increase of her image in the opinion of foreign countries and the population of Belarus.

The project is the open area for ideas, initiatives and materials for placing. We invite all interested in creation and development of image of Republic of Belarus to take part in filling and development of the real site. To us the opinion not only the Belarus experts, but also our foreign compatriots and the international experts is very important.

We hope that the placed material also will be useful for enterprises using in advancement image of Belarus, to the Belarus regions and cities.

Two factors have served idea of creation of site

The first factor– objective. Lately in Belarus frequently speak about marketing, branding, country advancement. Belarus needs investments, export increase, attraction of tourists, creation of attractive image – all these factors push to consider advancement of Belarus as the countries more professionally.

The second factor– subjective. Last years the initiator of this site, Anatoly Akantinov, in the professional work began to face questions of development of cities, regions and countries in general. At first by kind of activity, prosecuting marketing and strategy subjects, development questions dared at level of enterprises, then at level of state structures and concerns. Eventually, decision of questions of development has left in world economy and Belarus participation in her.

Last years enough often it was necessary to visit the international actions and to meet known experts concerning territorial marketing, for example, such as the professor of Academy of the Russian public service, the supervisor of studies omega replica watches of Guild of Experts in marketing Alexander Pankruhin. In the beginning of 2009 it was possible to take part in interdepartmental working group on creation of the plan of action on development country marketing created under the order of the Prime minister of Republic of Belarus. So that involuntarily was necessary to prosecute these subjects.

Last drop and occasion to Internet project creation «Image of Byelorussia» was The First International Forum «IMAGE of REPUBLIC Belarus: positioning and promotion of cities and regions» witch was organized on November, 25-26th, 2010 in Minsk.

IMAGE OF REPUBLIC OF BELARUS is a business of each citizen of the country.

Anatoly Akantinov

A forum under the name “Image of the Republic of Belarus: positioning and promotion of cities and regions” was celebrated in Minsk on November 25-26, 2010.

Organized by this private company and supported by the Belarusian ministries of Trade, Culture, Economy and Tourism, the forum’s aims was threefold:

- Rise the question of urgency of country, region, city image.

- Examine international experience in promoting countries, cities and regions.

- Consider and discuss the most progressive ways of positioning and promoting the regions, cities and places of the Republic of Belarus.

For those interested, here’s the program.

And about results of The Forum you can reed in article by Anatoly Akantinov – “Image of Belarus is a multi-colored necklace of the country” and also in blog by Andreas Markessinis at internet portal