Articles in English

Articles in English

Innovation Cities Global Index 2012-2013

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Measuring each cities potential as an innovation economy at the current time.  World’s largest city classification and global ranking with 445 benchmark cities classified, and top 133 cities analyst ranked this year.


Abandoned railway or blooming park?

It is one of the New-York miracles. Nobody could imagine that an abandoned railway will transform and became an amazing park well-known as one of the USA sights. Today I’m going to tell you about this marvelous project.

Interview: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Discusses State Branding Campaign

If you're a Republican politician in the Upper Midwest, you may appreciate what Wisconsin's Republican governor, Scott Walker, has done to advance the cause of GOP politics, balanced state budgets, restraints on taxes and anti-unionism with his efforts to roll back the costs and power of public-sector unions. But for some of the same reasons, you probably aren't eager to see an aggressive "Brand Wisconsin" trying to get the companies in your state to expand or relocate in the Badger State.

Paris: Street Art Capital?

As soon as I decided to leave Paris, I've started to discover new facets of this wonderful city.
I just saw a slide show by the BBC & Lonely Planet, saying that Paris is a global capital of street art.

To watch the slideshow, click there: Paris, a global street art capital

Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking

Bloom Consulting, has created this World Ranking in order to answer the fundamental issue at the heart of every country, corporation and soul: how does one become attractive?

Poo Internet. New barter in Mexico City

In the end of April a lot of colored containers like dustbins appeared in Mexico City parks. On there bottoms there are special balances. As soon as something falls to them, a Wi-Fi router actuates, and the Internet begins to work on the whole area of the park. That thing is… doo-doo. More dog excrements mean more time of wireless Internet. It is not necessary to have a password to access to Wi-Fi therefore you can check your mail and read Twitter absolutely free.

Hamburg's Manifest Against The Creative Class

Richard Florida’s ghost roams throughout Europe these days. We live in a world of global cities that are involved in an interurban competition to attract investors and the so-called international knowledge worker. Keynesian economic policy has made a shift to an entrepreneurial and managerial approach to metropolitan governance. The unevitable rise of city branding and Florida’s creative class theory are direct derivatives from these developments. In Hamburg, artists who are designated to be the flag carriers of creativity, decided to speak up and no longer tolerate the neoliberal policy shift.

Mayor as bait for tourists

Fifteen years ago citizens of a small Alaska town Talkeetna decided not to vote for any candidate to mayor. Instead of that they began to canvass for candidate named Stubbs. The plan worked: Stubbs took a majority of votes and won. He achieved success because of his great popularity. There were not blackmails, slanders and briberies. And at that political race he had an irrefutable advantage which the others didn’t have. He was a cat!

Corby: the realized chance

Corby appeared on the Great Britain map in 1939. It arose around the steel-works “British Steel”, grew and prospered rather fast. The town population was more than 50 thousand people by 1970s, and Corby was considered the biggest and main steel producer in Great Britain.

Countless houses

Chilean families now can slide apart limits of their living spaces. It became possible due to Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, his project is a new word in house construction activity for weak strata of society.